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How Diet Can Affect Skin

Healthy diet

Striving to lead a healthy lifestyle is a worthy goal. It helps keep your body working properly in addition to making your more resilient to disease and damage. There are a lot of rumors or half-truths about foods that supposedly can affect your skin, but in truth, all foods affect your skin to one degree or another. This is why maintaining a healthy diet is particularly important and that OROGOLD tries to stress it when applicable. The foods you eat determine many things about you. Ideally, you should be eating a diverse diet that supports your entire body, but we’d like to highlight some of the particular ways that diet can affect your skin. This should give you a clearer idea of how important a good diet is when it comes to skin care.

Dark, Leafy Greens
One of the biggest items you see on most lists for a healthy diet are various leafy greens. People favor the darker varieties such as spinach and kale in particular due to how packed they are with nutrients. These support total body health, but there are a number of nutrients in them that particularly help the skin. One of the highest concentration vitamins found in most of their vegetables is vitamin A. This vitamin is one that we adore in skin care for its various useful properties. It provides all around support for the skin, but the most important features are how promotes the internal repair mechanisms of your skin. This leads to your skin looking healthier overall in addition to making to sun damage. Eating a diet rich in vitamin A is important for keeping a youthful and healthy appearance.

Junk Food and Chocolate
The eternal wisdom passed on to teens and others is that eating too much junk food or chocolate tends to cause breakouts or other skin issues. This both is and isn’t true, depending on how you look at it. Even junk food has nutrients usable by your body, but they are seldom in high concentrations. Cheating on your diet with a slice of pizza while out with friends isn’t as weighty of a sign against your skin as you might fear. The problem comes in when your diet is mostly composed of such things. You constantly need a healthy balance of nutrients to keep everything functioning smoothly. If you’re not feeding your body correctly, then its systems begin to break down and have issues repairing problems or protecting your skin from sources of damage. OROGOLD wishes to stress that this is the reason why people have come to associate junk food and chocolate with poor skin. Neither set of foods is going to destroy your skin because you chose to indulge a little, but you cannot allow them to become the dominant part of your diet or your skin will suffer.

One of the vitamins that we like to most is vitamin C. It is useful in a wide variety of skin care products because of its topical applications. These work as well as they do because vitamin C, whether topical or ingested, remains a valuable way to support your skin. Vitamin C is directly connected to supporting the production of collagen within your skin. This structural protein is what gives skin its shape and resilience when we’re younger. Our skin continually produces it to stay ahead of the damage the skin takes. The skin has increasing difficulty keeping up with day to day demands as we age and the amount of collagen in our skin decreases. Vitamin C rich foods and products help to counter this problem by ensuring your body has what it needs to maintain the process. Citrus fruits are particularly potent sources of vitamin C, but you can also get a fair bit from dark, leafy greens as well.

Your diet is intimately tied to your overall well being. We all have variably healthy diets depending on how well we’re sticking to a meal plan or if we even feel like bothering for a week. OROGOLD encourages you to indulge yourself occasionally as your mental health is connected to your physical health. Just remember that indulging yourself frequently can ultimately lead to a bad diet that will decrease the natural health and beauty of your skin.

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