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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Acne Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics?
Woman looking in the mirror. Acne is one of those skin conditions that everyone tends to experience a few times in their life. Hormones, as well as oils of your skin, can all play a role in creating a breakout. This makes it difficult to escape. People with...
Ingredient Combos to Avoid
Woman applying moisturizerThe skin care industry is a world of countless ingredients being used to their best abilities. Each product you use has its share of both active and inactive ingredients. The mix of the two categories helps determine the potency and texture of most products. Active ingredients...
Skincare Ingredients for Your Skin Type
Skin care ingredients in a spaThe goal in skin care is to assemble a routine that uses products that you've picked to suit your skin exactly. In reality, we all have issues finding perfect products. Our skin changes with time, climate, and exposure to different factors. Your skin...
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