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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Climate Change And Human Aging
Woman shoppingIt may have taken many people a while to come around to the idea of climate change, but there is now no denying the impact that it is having on the planet, as well as those who live on it. These environmental extremes have an impact on...
The Health Benefits and Risks of Calorie Restriction
Low calorie dietCommonly abbreviated to CR, calorie restriction is a diet that is based around a low calorie intake. Usually defined as a 30-60% reduction in calorie consumption, this diet, which is still able to provide enough nutrients to prevent malnutrition, comes with some unique benefits and risks...
The Eczema – Heart Disease Connection
Woman trying to sleep Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes inflammation within the skin, which usually leads to rough and dry patches that then result in itching and bleeding. While this may seem completely unrelated to the heart, research has shown that eczema can have...
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