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How to Fade Scars

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Scars are one of the perennial problems of skin care whether they’re acne scars or ones you’ve gotten from some of life’s little misadventures. Any kind of facial scarring has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. Even the smallest mark seems to stand out to us as if it took up half of our face, and we understand this. A lot of the time it is easy enough to use concealer on problem spots and move on, but the worry that someone will somehow see it remains. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to be stuck with a scar that feels highly obvious forever. There are plenty of products that can help gradually repair damage or otherwise help boost your skin’s health to reduce scar visibility.

Peeling Products and Treatments
There is always something to be said for trying to outright remove a problem area. Deep and lighter peeling options help remove built up and unneeded extra layers of skin by acting as chemical exfoliating agents. This has the benefit of helping reduce light scarring over time by removing the layers of skin that help emphasize the scar’s existence. There is no perfect guarantee that it will completely eliminate it, but treatments will reduce how noticeable a scar is over time. Additionally, if the peeling compounds include skin nourishing ingredients like ascorbic acid or vitamin A, then the peel itself can promote the return of collagen to a scarred area and slightly fill the area back out in such as was as to also minimize the appearance of the scar.

Vitamin Enriched Masks
A similar tactic is to look at the products you routinely use for masks. Just as with peeling products, look for those ingredients. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is a particularly good ingredient to see in a topical product. Beyond collagen formation, the lightly acidic nature of it helps reduce discoloration around acne scars that otherwise provides emphasis to them. This won’t happen terribly quickly, but given several weeks with a decent quality product you should see improvement in addition to a general evening of your skin tone. If you can manage it, it is best to find products with multiple active ingredients like this for the best effect. Topical products aren’t always the best for fast solutions, but they do provide safe and comfortable options for anyone dealing with scarring.

Ask Your Dermatologist or an Esthetician
If the following two options don’t work for you, then we sincerely recommend that you talk to a professional that knows your skin. There are medically supervised options for dealing with stubborn scarring of multiple types. These range from outright removal of worse scars to injecting different fillers into the scarred area to prompt the body more directly to grow more collagen. Personalized options based on your skin type are always beneficial to consider and try before trying medically overseen procedures though as they help give you a greater sense of control and likewise keep you in tune with the needs of your skin rather than taking matters out of your hands.

The main thing to remember about fading or treating scars in any way is that it takes time to fade them. While they represent permanent damage to your skin, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prompt your skin to heal the damage over time. All it means is that the damage goes beyond easily repairable, superficial damage. OROGOLD recommends you be patient with any scar fading treatment and stick with it for a little bit beyond at least the minimum number of treatments before you expect to see a difference. This will help you avoid skipping over a good treatment because you think it doesn’t work. And don’t forget to keep up your normal routine to pamper the rest of your skin so that you keep feeling beautiful.

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