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Can This Gadget Save Your Skin?


As much as most people enjoy traveling, it comes with its own set of rules, hazards, and expectations. It is hard to bring our full collection of skin care products. The exact rules we should keep following to take care of our skin shift depending on where we’re going. Sometimes our favorite products just aren’t enough for the job in particular climates. It is especially frustrating if you’re used to an OROGOLD lifestyle and aren’t sure what you can do to offset these countless inconveniences that can come up while traveling. The good news is that there’s plenty of help to be had in how to deal with a different problem. An interesting solution to some environmental problems is to take a travel humidifier with you. If it doesn’t make sense yet, then hopefully it will by the end.

Humidity Helps
Managing the moisture levels in your skin is crucial when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. Travel tends to make this a difficult task because, from our skin’s perspective, we end up stepping out of one climate and into an all new one. Sometimes this will be a more humid environment and you won’t need to fuss with a humidifier, but others times the drier air of your destination is trouble waiting to happen. Travel humidifiers are never capable of quite the same amount of coverage as a standard one, but they can do enough to cover a small room if you get a decent model. This will let you control more than the temperature of the room and as a result, it helps you maintain your skin.

How Does It Help?
We’ve discussed before that dry air is one of the biggest banes of skin care. For most people, this is an issue mainly in the depths of winter. It can be a regional issue though. Dry air sucks the moisture from your skin and ends up requiring you to exfoliate more often. Depending on the overall dryness, this can happen with startling rapidity. Moisturizers help and provide a barrier, but any barrier you put up between your skin and the dry air will be constantly eroded until the air gets through it. The best choice you have is to control the air. Setting up a travel humidifier will inject moisture back into the air and make it less taxing on your skin so that your OROGOLD products are more effective since part of their effort doesn’t have to go into repairing the damage from the dry air. Decreasing how harsh things are on your skin helps it to remain healthier and more resilient for the times when you’re not in the room you’ve set your humidifier up in.

When and How Should I Use It?
There are a few situations that are ideal for packing a travel humidifier. One of these is when you’re going on a ski trip or otherwise traveling to a colder area of the world that is more likely to make your skin react as if it were winter. It is especially useful for ski trips due to the extra stress put on your skin from being subjected to cold, dry wind on the slopes. Keeping moisture in the air of your room will help keep your moisturizers more effective. Additionally, travel in arid climates makes for a good time to utilize a travel humidifier as well. The nature of such areas means the dry air is a constant factor and typically so is the sun. You need whatever edge you can get to counter the dryness in the air as it is much more problematic to cover up in those climates to seal in moisture than it is on a ski trip.

A travel humidifier doesn’t seem like it would be useful for helping you maintain your skin, but the fact is they can help save and preserve your skin. Your skin enjoys particular ranges of temperature and humidity. Leaving the ones your skin is accustomed to will make it more susceptible to damage. As a result, OROGOLD enthusiasts can help defy the sun and dry air simply by remembering to pack a humidifier. Your skin will keep looking beautiful and you won’t be constantly fighting factors beyond your control.

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