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Fresh Air’s Affect on Your Skin

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Most of us take the time each day to go through a skin care routine to boost, heal, and protect our skin. This commitment not only helps us feel confident in ourselves, but prepares us to face the day. The continual commitment likewise shows that we’re serious about doing what is best for our skin. OROGOLD continually cautions everyone about sun exposure and how to avoid sun damage when outside. This often seems to give an impression that the ideal is never to see the light of day, but that really isn’t the intention. All the warnings are intended to help you be aware of the need to protect your skin and know what steps to take to minimize damage. To be different, we’ve decided to highlight some benefits your skin will get from you getting a little fresh air now and again.

Overall Health
One of the best things about getting fresh air is that it can technically help your entire body. There have been countless studies noting that the body genuinely reacts to exposure to fresh air in such a way that the body seems to become revitalized. As one of your largest organs, your skin is no exception to this rule. Most of the reactions are an increase in effectiveness for at least a time. Fresh air is particularly notable for skin in that it can help improve the complexion by exposure because it provides non-recycled air to the lungs. This may help improve both the blood’s oxygen levels and circulation as a result. In turn, you’ll experience a natural healthy glow.

A Few Steps Further
Getting the most out of going outside is going to involve you needing to be outside for at least a half hour to forty-five minutes. You could just sit around on a covered porch, but that’s actually not ideal. You won’t be stimulating your body or your lungs enough to get much out of it. OROGOLD suggests using your fresh air time to exercise some. You don’t need to focus on anything highly strenuous. Consider using the time to take a refreshing walk in a local park or open air art installation. A brisk pace will help you take deeper breaths during your time out and increase the amount of fresh air that you’re breathing. This will help maximize your benefits from both the fresh air and give you some benefits of exercise. After all, your overall health does play a distinct part in your skin’s health.

Let Your Skin Breathe
Most recommendations regarding sun exposure hold that you need to cover as much of your skin as possible. Under most circumstances, we’d entirely agree with this sentiment. You may want to consider bending this rule a little when you’re going outside for a brief time for fresh air. Make sure to wear your sunscreen, but wear short sleeves and shorts if you’re going to exercise or run outside. Your skin can make use of the sunlight. It helps your body synthesize vitamin D and that in turn helps it process fatty tissues. The sun, in a somewhat literal way, can help you burn fat if you’re careful with your exposure. You need to be very aware of your skin when you do this though as your skin and your best friend’s skin will tolerate different amounts of sunlight even when using the same sunscreen. Just keep an eye open for signs of sun damage and adjust the time you exercise or relax outside accordingly.

The sun is one of the main sources of skin damage and there is no getting away from that. OROGOLD and others in the skin care industry can’t ignore that the sun is likewise a vital part of our lives as living beings on the planet. Getting out into the sunlight and fresh air helps our bodies in ways that can’t be easily replicated in a lab. Our bodies instinctively know the fresh air and sunlight. We will continue to caution wearing sunscreen and avoiding extended exposure to the sun, but finding a way that you can get fresh air and sunlight will improve your skin’s health along with the health of the rest of your body. You just need to find the point of tolerance between the exposure that helps your skin and the exposure that hurts it.

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