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Eggs, The Next Hot Ingredient in Skin Care?


The skin care industry is a world of trends. New things constantly appear on the horizon that promise newer, better, and healthier results than anything that has come before them. Many of these end up being pointless and have little to contribute to true skin care. The worst of them are outright scams that seem to superficially do something good, but later do more harm than good to your skin. OROGOLD likes to stay aware of these trends so that there is a clear idea of any new techniques that might be beneficial and so that people can be warned of any ill-advised skin care ideas. Interestingly, one of the current trends is quite natural, but a little unexpected: eggs. It turns out that the humble egg may just have another place beyond being cooked and on your morning plate.

Where Is This Idea Coming From?
The idea for using eggs in beauty treatments has been around for a long time. Various home remedies and how-tos seem to indicate that people have probably been using parts of eggs in skin care for ages. The current trend is connected to beauty’s attraction to Korean skin care ideas. The influx of ideas from Korea is bringing with them their many egg-based products and the claims that go along with them. We’ve previously touched on some of the interesting parts of Korean skin care routines. There is seldom any waste of time or product in them and this dedication to skin care is highly admirable. As a result, it means eggs as a beauty ingredient deserves a long look as they are clearly something more than a random eye-catching ingredient.

What Can Eggs Actually Do?
Interestingly, both the egg white and the egg yolk likely have solid places in beauty products for separate reasons. One of the best parts of the yolk is how many nutrients are available in it. Think about some of your favorite skin fortifying products. Most of these enjoy that effect from the nutrients in the product as much as the other components. As a result, utilizing egg yolk in a similar product often provides similar benefits to the skin. OROGOLD doesn’t wish to ignore the egg whites though as those are typically regarded as one the primary ingredient in many egg products or preparations. Egg white provides a number of benefits, but one of the best is its capacity for drying out the skin. This makes it excellent for oil control and acne fighting if you’re unable to use more traditional products utilizing alpha hydroxy acids. Some people in do-it-yourself beauty credit it with a skin tightening effect, but we advise strongly against utilizing their masks and preparations for just that reason. This effect is not true and goes away once the preparation is removed as well as leaving the skin dangerously dry.

What Kinds of Products Are There?
Due to each part of the egg having separate potential, you can actually find a variety of products utilizing them as ingredients. One of the most popular uses for eggs is the creation of beauty supporting soaps. These are widely available in both bars and other forms. Typically, you wish to use simple soap preparations to get the most effect out of the egg as an ingredient. Similarly, cleansers are popular as they can draw on the benefits of egg whites effectively. The most common use for eggs in beauty though is in masks. Endless numbers of egg-based masks are available that each cater to particular beauty needs. They do their best to utilize the total benefits of the egg along with carefully selected ingredients to support anything from a general shine to anti-aging effects.

Eggs don’t seem to be a random, ill-chosen ingredient being promoted by a limited number of people. They have solid backing and have been utilized even before the current trend. However, there doesn’t seem to be as universal of an appeal to eggs as there are to some other beauty ingredients. OROGOLD isn’t sure if eggs will end up being the next must-have ingredient in beauty products, but it does seem that eggs will be with the beauty industry for a while.

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