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Top Trends of Professional Skincare for 2016

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Trying to see into the far-flung future of skin care in a world where you can hypothetically take a pill for great skin isn’t something that OROGOLD specializes in at all. Our specialty is focusing on the skin care of the here and now and seeing where trends are headed in the near future. 2015 has had its own particular trends and some of these look like they’ll be continuing on into the new year. In some ways, it is like seeing Fashion Week each time it occurs during a year and knowing what is coming simply because you kept your eyes on the runway. We’re going to quickly go over what you can expect to either become or remain a big deal in the coming year. It’s hard to see beyond the year, but each of the trends we are about to highlight is likely to possess some staying power.

Mother Nature’s Remedies
The current trends are showing a growing interest in products utilizing more natural ingredients. Plenty of the standard chemicals used in skin care have been isolated from natural products, but people are beginning to want more of the plants and fruits that were originally being used in skin care before we could isolate individual ingredients. This actually appears like it will be a beneficial trend in the long run as utilizing extracts and actual plant and fruit parts ensures more nutrients make their way into products. The additional nutrients offer new routes to fortifying and repairing the skin in products that traditionally weren’t used in this fashion. This is why we’ve taken to highlighting enzyme-based cleansers and natural exfoliants in some of our articles. As an industry, we’re still figuring out the best ways to utilize natural ingredients to the highest effectiveness, but you can expect that to continually improve throughout the coming year.

Double Duty
Another interesting trend is that people are becoming increasingly interested in hybridizing their skin products. To one degree or another, this has been happening for ages with products like SPF-infused moisturizers and sunblocks in general. These old restrictions are increasingly falling away as people look into creams that offer the coverage of makeup as well as tone correcting ingredients that will help throughout the day. OROGOLD would like to highlight this trend in particular as it has the possibility to alter the course of the skin care industry the most. There will likely be makeup companies seeking to create their own hybrid skin care products in the coming year and the reverse will be true for skin care companies. We feel the need to stress that you should be cautious with this emerging product class as there require the most care given to their formulas and not everyone will have the knowledge to do so at first. Pay careful attention to product reviews in the coming year and be patient instead of automatically seeking the next big product.

We touched on multi-masking earlier in the year as a growing trend that was securing its own place in the skin care world and it looks like the trend is here to stay. Skin care enthusiasts are beginning to take individualized approaches to taking care of their skin and talking to their dermatologists to figure out what is best for their skin rather than everyone else’s. This individual approach works well alongside the multi-masking trend and is drastically increasing its longevity. There may be mask palettes in the coming year that offer multiple specialized products for people to build their own mask around. Multi-masking in the usual way isn’t likely to die if we do see companies coming up with such products though. Our best advice is to follow the trend and discuss your skin’s needs with a professional to get an idea of what products will help you the best. This will let you make the best use of this trend and the others in the coming year.

2016 is beginning to look like it will be a year of experimentation in the skin care industry. The shift to an individual approach to skin care, customized routines, and a focus shifting towards complicated ingredient interactions means that it could very well be a year that revitalizes skin care in many ways. OROGOLD does wish to stress caution again as an era of experimentation does mean that there will be less than ideal products on the market as companies seek the best ways to facilitate beautiful skin. Stick with companies that you know create quality products and you should be fine. We’re certainly looking forward to the new year and hope you are too.

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