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Why Products Work for Some and Not Others

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Skin care products come in a dizzying variety. One brand specializes in treating acne or oily skin while another focuses on helping maintain the tone of fair skin. You only need to take a brief walk to your favorite store for skin care to see this principle in action. But why are there so many products? OROGOLD asks you to think back to a time when you used a product that seemed to work better for a friend than it did you. Maybe it was one of the miracle products of the time or maybe it wasn’t, but it just didn’t seem to work for you. This is actually at the heart of why there are so many products. Every person has a different skin type.

The Art of Difference
Every beauty and skin care company must take this difference between people and turn understanding it into a subtle art. Products have to be able to operate with at least some effectiveness for most people to actually survive. As a result, most products use general principles that will work for a lot of skin types, but that sometimes end up not being as effective or even effective at all for outliers. Some skin is thicker than average and others produce too much oil for some products to be effective. The oil is one problem that can sometimes be handled. This is why skin care routines start with a cleansing. This single step can normalize or reduce the amount of oil on your skin and that alone increases product absorption. There aren’t tricks like that for every variation in skin type though.

Specialization is key
OROGOLD often advises people to seek out the help of a trained esthetician or a dermatologist for determining their exact skin type or types. The need for specialization when selecting products is the reason for this as well. Even if the beauty industry lacks tricks to make products perfectly effective for all skin types, we can at least create products that work best for different skin types. This is why you’ll find multiple iterations of some products that claim to work for a separate skin type. Making the most of skin care requires this kind of knowledge unless you’re one of the comparative few who end up with “normal” skin. This baseline skin typically means most products will work just fine for you, but in reality most people actually have some version of combination skin.

Some things can’t be accounted for
Occasionally you can also run into problems as simple as something being harmlessly off in a batch of product. This rarely happens though. More commonly an unforeseeable factor can also reduce the effectiveness of a product. Altitude might cause ingredients to not work the way you expect them to. Particular climates aren’t ideal for some styles of products. Lifestyles might not agree well with some either. It is impossible to account for all possible reasons that a product might not work. This is why the beauty and skin care industries focus on skin types. These are factors we can explore, study, and use to create better products. It is much harder to know about other factors. Trying to figure out those other factors is actually cost and time prohibitive as well.

Every company would like to say their products work universally well, but even OROGOLD can’t. All we can advise you to do is to make sure to read the product clearly and find out if it is intended to work with your skin type. Products without such direction are typically as close to suitable for all skin types as is possible and you should get a result regardless. Matching your products to your skin type will always result in the best response from you skin though. Try to remember that it is highly unlikely a quality product isn’t working for you. It is far more likely that it is simply something about your skin and that there is a more effective product out there waiting for you.

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