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Monthly Archives: January 2016

A – Z Guide to Suncare
Woman wearing a hatThere's only so long you can outright avoid the sun. We all have to set foot outside eventually, and our only choice is to be prepared. Sunscreen is your primary way of protecting your skin from the effects of the sun outside of simply not...
Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs of 2015
Woman getting hair removal treatmentEvery year we see new products and ideas appear in the beauty industry. There's always a new trend trying to see if it will be one of the ones to survive people continually trying it. In the end, people forget about most of the believed...
Most Interesting Scientific Discoveries of 2015
research labSometimes we lose track of what happens over the course of the year. Who can blame anyone for that? One week there's a fascinating news story about something scientists have done, but moments later it seems a celebrity has done something to upset someone else. That story...
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