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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Understanding Your Parkinson’s Risk
Mature woman looking in the mirror Illness is an unsettling thought for most people. Everyone wants to be healthy and live a full life. Sometimes it isn't always possible though. This can happen for a range of reasons. Our genetics might conspire against us, certain parts of the...
Tips for an Instant Health Makeover
Beautiful woman enjoying the sunshineTaking care of yourself isn't always that easy. In fact, taking care of your health is often one of the more difficult things that you can do over the course of your life. This is simply because it takes constant effort and an eye...
Are You Destined for Gray Locks?
Mature womanMaintaining a healthy and beautiful appearance is something most of us have a decided interest in. You can do a lot to delay the signs of aging in your skin. This is because we know what your skin needs to keep itself in good shape as well...
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