Monthly Archives: November 2016

Ways To Actively Avoid Tetanus
Woman getting a tetanus injection Avoiding illness is something most of us do instinctively. We shrink away from the people who are coughing or that look ill to avoid getting ill ourselves. That it isn't a conscious reaction says a lot about how well we're inherently conditioned to avoid...
What is Corneotherapy?
Woman doing Corneotherapy Your skin, as your largest organ, is highly complex. It is your body's constant shield against outside influence that can hurt the body and as a result, tends to absorb a lot of damage each day. Fortunately, it also has integrated ways in...
Your Way To A Healthy Body
Woman with healthy food Taking care of yourself requires a clear dedication. Most of us lack it the majority of our lives simply because we get busy. That leads to more pressing matters taking the lead. We focus on our careers or our families and forget to...