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24K Bio-Brightening Collection
Skin damage can lead to discoloration as readily as aging. Fortunately, OROGOLD's 24K Bio-Brightening Collection exists to help you forget all about this issue. Regardless of the source of discoloration, the ingredients in each of these products are chosen specifically because of their abilities to help both lighten and fortify skin. A selection of AHAs,...
24K Caviar Collection
Meet OROGOLD's 24K Caviar Collection. Caviar is rich with skin nourishing sea minerals like omega-3s and amino acids. The Caviar Collection is made up of four products; 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Cream, 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Serum, 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask, and 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration. The 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration is one of our...