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You Are Covered In Blashko’s Lines
Woman looking in the mirror Why do lizards have scales? Why do leopards have spots? Why do humans have stripes? Wait! Let’s back up a minute here! Humans have stripes? Well bizarre as it may seem, dermatologists have determined that human skin is overlaid by what its known as...
Ancient Cupping Therapy For Pain
Cupping therapy With the Olympics dominating the airwaves, it has become apparent that there is a current trend in various parts of the world to embrace cupping as a form of treatment for pain. Proponents claim that it can help reduce the overall pain one experiences after a workout...
Pomegranate Consumption and Anti-Aging
Pomegranate Pomegranate may be a pain to eat, but it is packed full of nutrients that are useful to our bodies. The reputation for the fruit has grown to encompass how healthy it potentially is for us, but recently this reputation has taken another turn as some scientists...