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Could Free Radicals Be Good? ORO GOLD Reviews

Businessman examines a free radical molecule representationLook around you and you’re more than likely to find skin care and cosmetic brands offering you with all types of antioxidants and antioxidant protection in many of their products. The importance of these antioxidants for your skin has been well documented over the past few decades. Scientists have managed to uncover evidence which shows that a group of uncharged molecules that are called free radicals can actually lead to things like mutation, accelerated aging, skin issues and cellular DNA damage. Antioxidants are basically ingredients which help you to protect your skin from the damage caused by these free radicals. Some of the most popular antioxidants being used in the world of skin care include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, Green Tea, and more.

Free radicals are often generated from things like the pollution in the atmosphere or cigarette smoke. These free radicals alter the normal bonds present in your skin. The case is actually quite similar to the case of a cut apple going through oxidization. You can also prevent this damage by loading up your body with antioxidants, the very same way you can save the apples from oxidation by treating them with lemon juice.

Throughout decades, we have been taught about the importance of loading up the body with enough antioxidants so as to able to counteract the damage caused by free radicals. And adding antioxidants to our diets and skin care routines has actually worked wonders for our skin as well. Now, imagine if you had to suddenly find out that a healthy dose of these free radicals could actually help your skin to stay healthy under certain conditions. Yes, you read that right. A recent study has shown that free radicals can actually benefit the skin under certain conditions.

OROGOLD Cosmetics came across a study that was published in the Developmental Cell Journal which showed that the free radicals produced within the mitochondria of the body of a roundworm is actually essential for skin healing. In fact, the study went on to show that an increased level of these free radicals could actually increase and improve the skin healing process. This study was conducted by researchers on nematodes. Andrew Chisholm, the author of this study, mentions that the tests carried out around the genetic pathways of these nematodes are also likely to apply to mammals because his group of experts suspected that the genetic pathways between the two species are conversed.

He also mentioned that the study discovered when the free radicals in the mitochondria were eliminated, the roundworms had issues with closing up their wounds and healing from them. The study further discovered that adding a little bit of ROS into the equation helped the wounds to heal faster than normal.

At this point, OROGOLD would like to point out that free radical damage is still very much a reality and that you need to protect your skin from them. What this study basically goes on to prove is that free radicals generated within the body could actually help the skin healing process. But this is restricted to those internal free radicals only. All signs still show that externally generated free radicals are actually ruining your skin. In other words, the human body needs an optimal level of free radicals in it. Too much or too little is going to lead to harmful effects.

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