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Your health is governed by the complex interplay of the chemicals in your body and the chemicals, food and other substances, that you put into it. Most of us don’t pause to think about how much of our lives are governed by simple chemical reactions. The hint to it should be on how doctors stress the importance of having the right amino acids available in the body and supporting their functions. Many of the most important functions are purely internal and you never see the results beyond your continued health. There are a¬†handful of the acids that are useful for keeping your skin healthy, though. You don’t need to have detailed knowledge of biology though as we’ll be touching one a few of the important building blocks for your skin’s health in this article.

Glutamic Acid and Glutamine
One primary building block in your skin is glutamine. This amino acid is synthesized by the body from a form of glutamic acid. You can get this from a number of different foods. Once you have it in supply though, it plays a role in maintaining the balance of your natural oils. It isn’t too obvious of a role, but it does help maintain your skin’s health. It doesn’t play a perfectly direct role in your skin, but its presence also helps maintain and regulate the production of compounds that are responsible for keeping your skin firm and youthful. Your body doesn’t always need it, but without glutamine, it will start cannibalizing the rest of your body for the necessary components. This, in turn, will affect your overall health and eventually impact your appearance. Having a steady supply of glutamine is therefore, necessary to helping your skin repair itself properly.

One thing you probably know is that getting the most out of things often requires making appropriate combinations of products or actions. The same is true within your body. Your skin needs a variety of amino acids for its health, but arginine is one of the more important ones. It doesn’t actually provide much for your skin on its own, though. It combines with other compounds to create a necessary amino acid though that then combines with arginine again to form creatine. This compound is a primary one for helping to maintain your skin’s regenerative properties. It provides energy for various processes that support all the functions that maintain your skin. Without it, our skin would fall apart rapidly as we aged without the support to things like collagen and elastin production. It makes arginine, as a component, incredibly valuable to your skin.

Arginine is useless without methionine ultimately. This is the other half of the equation for creatine. It, like arginine, doesn’t play much of a role for your skin without its partner. The two combined are vital to stimulating and supporting your skin’s overall health. Fortunately, they are found in various foods, including some delicacies like caviar, and capable of providing their benefits when ingested. Most of the acids are small enough to be utilizing topically through and reach your skin directly to provide support. So finding a product that utilizes caviar extract or another product rich in these amino acids will support your skin’s overall health and longevity. You can’t rely on single compounds when trying to get benefits from amino acids though as they are primarily building blocks before they are anything else.

As biological building blocks, amino acids fulfill many functions within both your skin and the rest of your body. The naturally repair and rejuvenation processes of your body require them to function appropriately. This makes specific amino acids of particular interest. Eating a balanced diet and finding complementary products will be your best bet for fully utilizing this aspect of skin health.

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