Arnica Montana Flower Extract’s Uses in Skin Care

Arnica montana flower

The various oils and extracts that go into skin care products are just one facet of the cornucopia of the industry draws on. Each of them provides its own benefits when used in skin care. Not everyone is aware of what each of them offers though. Arnica Montana is a kind of flower that grows around the world and sees a lot of use in traditional remedies. Most of the time you’re not going to be eating it and that suits OROGOLD just fine as its best uses are all topical. We’d like to help demystify Arnica Montana flower extract as an ingredient so that you’re better aware of what to expect from products containing it. Like most extracts, the list of reasons isn’t terribly long, but the effects offer a powerful combination that helps boost many products.

Acne Fighting Potential
Acne is a stubborn problem for people all over the world. Teenagers deal with it daily and many women deal with it monthly. Arnica Montana flower extract sits at an interesting combination of uses that makes it ideal for acne sufferers. The extract possesses anti-bacterial properties capable of helping cleanse the skin of the bacteria that cause many types of acne. S Anti-inflammatory properties are part of the flower’s traditional use and the extract is not different. While the skin is being cleansed of bacteria, the compounds in the extract likewise soothe the skin and help deal with the internal effects of difficult breakouts. We caution against using the raw extract on your skin due to its potency though.

Skin Restoring
Even those of us who are careful with our skin end up accumulating a bit of damage to our skin over time as a simple matter of time or forgetfulness. Sun damage is one of skin care’s worst enemies and OROGOLD and others do their best to find way to prevent the sun damage, but sometimes the best option is to properly treat it afterwards. Sun burn is typically treated by products containing aloe vera for its cooling properties. There is some promise in using products containing Arnica Montana extract though. We’ve already established its anti-inflammatory properties, but the further benefit is that the extract actually helps promote tissue formation in the skin. This helps the skin to replace and repair damage areas of the skin faster. This is mainly true for smaller issues like sun burn and dry patches though.

A Healthy Look
One traditional use for the flower that often gets missed is that it is considered useful for improving circulation. Proper blood flow in the skin is part of maintaining its overall health. Good blood flow promotes the tissues in your skin to produce collagen normally and helps transmit any useful ingredients from topical products throughout the skin. The healthy glow is a nice side effect of good circulation. Products using it for these purposes are typically paired with other ingredients, like in our energizing mask, to make the most of all the ingredients. The extract will then provide all its benefits and enhance the usefulness of the others. It makes Arnica Montana flower extract a particularly useful ingredient when it is appropriately used in a product.

As only one of the many extracts available, Arnica Montana flower extract is easily overlooked in the world of skin care. Try not to forget about it though as we know it is a useful ingredient. OROGOLD does wish to once again caution anyone against applying a raw extract to their skin or creating a homemade compound with them. All extracts, Arnica montana flower included, are powerful topical ingredients. Improperly using them could hurt your skin. Stick with products you know are of high quality and you’re get all the benefits of skin supporting extracts without needing to worry about getting the amounts right.

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