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Can One Be Too Beautiful?

Beautiful woman

Our eternal quest for beauty takes us along many roads. Some of us seek to age gracefully, some seek to defy age utterly, and some simply allow what will be to be. Each approach is a fair choice for anyone to make, but in the modern age, it has become apparent that there is beauty and then there is the belief of beauty. Various technologies allow us to hone beauty beyond what is available in nature and the end results are stunning. The problem is that they are at once stunning and offputting to some. Those living a luxe lifestyle are likely familiar with many of these methods and we’d like to examine the modern routes to preserving and modifying beauty to determine if there truly is such a thing as being too beautiful.

The Digital Age
The seemingly endless lament in beauty culture these days is that models in magazines and other publications are subjected to Photoshop sessions after the actual shoot. It has become increasingly clear that this is not only true, but deceptive. It has lead to a shift in the idea of what is beautiful to something beyond nature itself and into the realm of ideals. However, this causes problems in many cases. People noticed these “touch-ups” because the models themselves would seem “too perfect”. The lack of imperfections lead to a subtle, but mounting effect that subtly unnerved people. It also led to unrealistic standards both in the modeling industry and outside of it. These unhealthy images have lead many women to believing they are not beautiful when the truth is that the women in the pictures are simply “too beautiful” to be real.

Too Much Of A Good Thing
There’s another danger in the quest to be as beautiful as possible. Most of us are used to seeing it on celebrities. Corrective plastic surgery is a natural extension of keeping ourselves looking our best. A little improvement here and there helps us defy avoid areas where nature doesn’t want to cooperate with gracefully aging. Sometimes people, particularly celebrities, take this a bit too far. There are always images where we can instantly pick out that they have had some work done. It isn’t polite to highlight it, but we know. There’s something too pristine or precise about it. It draws the eyes in a non-flattering way and all we’re left hoping is they can find someone skilled enough to correct the mistake of the last person. Those living an OROGOLD lifestyle know how to nurture their appearance and be selective. There’s no shame in building upon and refining a feature, but temper it with a willingness to be subtle. Supporting rather than defying nature will always yield better results.

A Stiff Smile
There’s often a wish for quick fixes in our culture. We demand to see results immediately or don’t believe they’re there at all. This leads to some questionable decisions when we’re trying to look our best. Botox injections are one of the most notoriously abused beauty tactics. It offers a quick way to deal with wrinkles, but people who don’t plan out when they get their treatment often end up appearing a bit stiff in their expressions. It is understandable given the treatment works by paralyzing facial muscles temporarily, but it can be embarrassingly apparent in the wrong company. The ideal goal is to treat your skin well over time and use long term anti-aging products to get the best results. A quick fix for wrinkles will work, but it leaves the pristine skin somewhat tainted by its inflexibility. It can make you appear more statue than human in expression.

Beauty is a noble goal. We all want to look our best for ourselves and for others. The problem comes in where our options have become too numerous and people too eager to forget their natural beauty and replace it. The philosophy is about refining, preserving, and highlighting people’s natural beauty. It keeps you looking like the best version of yourself instead of something or someone more idealized or inhuman. Support your natural appearance with quality products rather than trying to erase it entirely and you’ll never be too beautiful to be you. You will, however, be beautiful enough to be you.

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