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How Your Body Type Affects Your Eating

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Body type can tell a lot about a person. At a glance, you at least think you have an idea of how someone eats and their relative level of fitness. This is actually pretty misleading. Bodies are finicky systems that don’t always agree with how we try to treat them right. Some people have bodies that society considers closer to an ideal, but the rest of us then need to deal with bodies that may gain weight in places we don’t want it or that stubbornly refuse to shed weight from where we do want it gone. OROGOLD can’t really help you with your body type, but we can give you a quick overview of how body type affects how you eat and a handful of ideas on how to eat to promote health for your body type.

One thing we need to make very clear before we go any farther is that there is your body type and then there is how you’ve been treating your body. Body type does incline your body in particular ways and there is no denying this. How you’ve treated your body for a while often has a notable impact as well. If you’ve ever tried to diet and cut unhealthy things out of your meals, then you know how your body desperately starts craving for what you’ve removed from your diet. This is especially true of sugars as your body sees it as comparatively free energy that you’re passing up on. Your body type isn’t telling you to eat in an unhealthy fashion in this case. Your body as a whole is simply trying to maintain a balance point that you are trying to change. Keep this in mind as we go forward.

Stocky Body Types
Stockier body types often suffer from collecting weight more readily than others. Interestingly, they also tend to have a bit more muscle to them, but it also often harder to tell. This makes the body seek out sources of carbohydrates more readily. Ideally, this would work out well for most people. The fact is that most people don’t lead active enough lifestyles anymore that listening purely to your body’s wants will result in a healthy weight. Carbohydrates aren’t your enemy if you have a stocky body type, but OROGOLD recommends moderating the amount you eat. Aim to include more vegetables in your diet to help combat your body’s impulse to find more carbohydrates to eat. Vegetables typically take longer for the body to process and as a result you’ll feel full longer. This will help you take better control of your eating habits despite body type.

Thin Body Types
The problem for thin body types is less that they want to eat particular things and more that eating seems to do very little for them. The body doesn’t seem to want to put on weight anywhere or gain muscle from any exercise. You shouldn’t take this as an excuse to simply eat whatever you want though. Remember that your body is trying to maintain a balancing point. You can eat enough to gain weight, but gaining it in a healthy fashion will be problematic. One of the better choices is to discuss things with a doctor to find out how best to treat your body. Do not overeat if you have a thin body type. You won’t gain healthy weight and subjecting your body too much food will make you ill. The kind of fattening foods you’d need to be eating might also cause unforeseen health problems.

There are average body types as well. You generally just need to eat a balanced diet then to avoid any issues of becoming over or underweight. People want to eat sugars and proteins as a general rule. Our bodies grew to find and seek energy as we had to travel long distances to stay fed for the longest time across our history. The trick is to teach your body how to live like a modern human rather than a hunter-gatherer. OROGOLD recommends considering how you want to eat and trying to build up changes through minor adjustments. Cut a sugary staple here and there. Substitute potato chips at lunch for celery or carrots. Let your body grow used to a new way of doing things over time and you can make the changes stick.

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