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Leading a healthy life often includes making a commitment to eat better. This is easier said than done for many of us due to the inconveniences associated with finding fresher foods when possible and having the time to assemble a healthy meal or snack. It doesn’t have to be this way. Many people find creative ways to hack around a lack of time to ensure that they have the means to quickly put together something healthy even if they only have half an hour to indulge themselves. One of the ways to do this is to build your own salad bowl container garden. In one simple container, you can easily grow your favorite salad components and keep it in an easily accessible place so you have fresh ingredients every time. The ease of building your own also means it won’t cut into your busy lifestyle.

Select A Container
You need to start by selecting the container size that you want for your ingredients. Containers drastically vary in shape and make. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to aesthetics and the amount of space you want the container to take up. Many people opt for ready-made potting containers that already have the necessary structure and drainage options for healthy plants. There are containers around the size of salad mixing bowls that can easily work as long as you have space with ready access to light. This size is ideal if you’re intending to grow the salad bowl container in a sunny part of the kitchen or a bay window. If you have a sunroom, you can go for a larger container to add further diversity to your salad bowl garden. Be sure to ask a gardening specialist about decent quality potting soil mixes to fill your container with before planting.

Select Your Crops
Another thing for consideration when making a salad bowl container garden is plants you intend to grow. Lettuce of some sort is a given, but you may want to decide whether you want to include growing young leaf lettuce in addition to a standard leafy green lettuce. Young leaf lettuce is a delightful addition that can affect the texture of salads immensely. You’ll also want to consider other options as well. Plants like kale or radishes can add an extra layer of health and garnish to a salad easily. Kale is particularly good for you and as a dark, leafy green supports both your skin and the rest of your body to a high degree of effectiveness. Spinach is another good option if you don’t like kale. Swiss chard can add an extra layer of flavor and health to the garden too. Growing herbs or more savory greens alongside the other parts of the container garden further give you a way to increase the flavors of your garden.

Make and Keep a Schedule
You’ll also want to make sure that you incorporate the care of your container garden into your schedule. One of the best ways to ease into this is to set aside the time early and use it for planning or putting together parts of your container garden. Making and maintaining the habit will be crucial to ensuring the success of your plants. Additionally, plan around the kind of climate that you live in. Drier climates will require plants to get a bit more water than they might need in temperate climates. Similarly, colder and sunnier climates may involve moving the container around occasionally to control the amount of sunlight the plants get as some are particularly sensitive to the amount of sunlight they receive. Taking the time to discuss the needs of a given plant in your climate with a nursery owner can make all the difference between a successful garden and a pot of wilting plants.

A salad bowl container garden is a good way to take a positive step towards a healthier life. It gives you a way to have quick and easy access to healthy foods that you have a very clear idea of where they’ve come from and what they’ve been exposed to over their lives. This intimate connection to your food will give you better confidence in how healthy they are overall. Cultivating your health in addition to your beauty will help you live your life easily.

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