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Signs of Aging: Sagging Earlobes & Spider Veins

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Looking one’s best is a constant struggle between outside sources chipping away at your features and figuring out how best to help your skin resist the effects of time. This varies from person to person thanks to the endless number of family heritages that either gift us with good or bad fortune for different features. The various signs of aging creep up on even those who age gracefully over time simply because the body can’t keep up. A couple of the subtle, but important signs of aging are the appearance of spider veins and sagging of the earlobes. Each effect is minor, but plays a huge impact on how we’re perceived. Fortunately, there are ways to treat and minimize the appearance of each of these signs to maintain a timeless look. Treatment options don’t really explain why we experience these signs though.

The Underlying Issues
Spider veins are one of the more interesting aspects of aging. They aren’t newly formed veins that appear to spite anyone. Most of the time they’ve been where you see them all along. Nothing has changed about them, but something has changed about your skin. Collagen is one of the primary structural proteins of your skin that help both fill out your features and helps provide a barrier between the surface and most of your veins. This changes as you age. Collagen production slows and its slowly degrades in your skin revealing previously hidden veins. Others sources can cause collagen damage as well, but age is one of the most common. In turn, most of your body slowly loses its ability to support itself as thoroughly as it once did. Sagging earlobes are a direct sign of what a lifetime of gravity pulling down on your body will do. It can also be a sign that you enjoyed wearing heavy earrings much of your life. The combination of the two can cause particularly dramatic sagging in some.

Clearing Away The Webs
The reduction of spider veins among various ages means that we’ve gotten relatively good at figuring out treatments for them. Direct intervention with a chemical solution is available that helps collapse and fade the appearance of the veins, but you need to make appointments for that and they don’t necessarily guard against the appearance of future spider veins. The best option is to build a skin care routine that cultivates collagen production in your skin and protects it from the sun. Skin care products heavy in vitamin C are one of the better options available to you thanks to the reliability of topical vitamin C for anti-aging. These should be some of the primary products to look for whether they’re masks, serums, or other products. Just remember that the difference in your skin will take some time to be apparent. It is better to already be favoring collagen building products as you age rather than beginning them only when the first signs of aging appear.

A Little Extra Support
Earlobes are a bit more difficult to help. Like spider veins, there are ways to inject substances into them to help firm them up and reduce sagging. This is a perfectly viable option for many people. It only helps reduce the damage though, and can’t entirely eliminate it if the sagging is particularly noticeable. Preventive measures are a better approach. Remember that heavy earrings are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to exacerbating the issue. They add to the weight pulling on your earlobes and magnify the sagging that naturally occurs. You can still wear lighter earrings such as studs, hoops, and other types. Ornate, long, and heavy earrings are out though. Leave them for the very young and take care of your ears for the future. Another good step to remember is that you should put sunscreen on your ears if you’re going out as they benefit from sun protection as well.

Spider veins and sagging earlobes, like most signs of aging, are going to get to us to one degree or another with time. The best approach is to simply do our best to ensure that we don’t exacerbate the problem. If you’re careful and take the right steps, then both signs should be minimal over time. This will allow you to use makeup or stronger methods to make the issues disappear. Living a healthy life is as much about cultivating your beauty for the future as it is about doing so in the present.

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