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The Best Sleep Position for Your Beauty Rest

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If there is anything at all that most people share, it is that we need rest. Sleep eventually overcomes most of us no matter what we do to tell our bodies that we’d really rather stay up to finish doing whatever it is we’re doing. There are plenty of ways to sleep each night. Broadly speaking, we either sleep on our stomachs, sides, or backs depending on personal preference. Each of these comes with its own benefits and drawbacks depending on our personal circumstance. Some positions are better for breathing, but most of us are typically interested in the positions that are best for beauty. To give you a clear picture of this, we’re going to quickly cover the three broad categories and outline what they can do for you and the drawbacks of each.

Sleeping On Your Stomach
Sleeping this way the worst position for you to sleep and expect to get any beauty benefits. Sleeping on your stomach means that you are face down with your face pressed into a pillow. It bunches up your skin as you move in your sleep and puts awkward stress on your body to sleep that way. Pillow creases are literally the least of your worries when it comes to sleeping on your stomach. Stomach sleepers are far more likely to form wrinkles faster on their faces. Pillow creases can become chronic as well if you’re not careful. Another layer of lasting damage comes from the fact that this position puts the neck at awkward angles much of the time and as a result, can frequently result in chronic neck pain that in turn raises your stress levels. Stress won’t do your skin any favors either.

Sleeping On Your Side
You can bypass some of the issues of sleeping on your stomach by sleeping on your side instead. It decreases the amount of pressure applied directly to your face as you sleep. You can actually reduce the negative effects of sleeping on your side by swapping for satin pillowcases or others made of a material that isn’t prone to bunching. Avoid cotton pillowcases entirely though if you want to further minimize the problems. The good news is that sleeping on your side does allow for a more natural alignment of your spine and the rest of your body. It distributes the weight of your body better and as a result is less likely to result in chronic neck pain. It still isn’t ideal for anyone seeking the best position to sleep in for their beauty. It turns out that distinction is held by sleeping on your back.

Sleeping On Your Back
The reason that sleeping on your back is a clear winner for beauty is that it keeps all stress and weight off of your face. This prevents the tugging and bunching that causes early wrinkling from ever taking place. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about getting pillows creases on your face. The extra bonus here is that this is the best position to take care of your overall health as well. Contoured pillows exist to help support your neck and back in appropriate ways in this position to further ensure the even distribution of weight. This means far less neck and back pain than in another other position too. In turn, that means you’ll get more restful sleep. The one drawback to this position is that people with sinus issues have more difficulty with sleeping on their back than other people. In this cases, try sleeping on your side or seeking medical advice on how to manage the issues.

When trying to decide the best sleeping position for beauty it isn’t even a contest. Sleeping on your back means you won’t be putting unnecessary weight on your delicate facial skin and reduces the chance of added stress in your life hurting your skin. Sleeping positions can be hard to change though if you’re not already sleeping on your back. It takes time, but you can retrain yourself to sleep in a new position with a little effort.

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