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12 Foods to Detox Your Body

Have you been feeling a little sluggish lately? Do you constantly find yourself bombarded by the least healthy dietary options from all sides?

It sounds like you’re ripe for a body-purifying detox routine.

This doesn’t have to mean establishing a rigorous diet plan and starving yourself in the name of nutritional purity.

Sometimes, all you need to do is incorporate a couple of health-promoting ingredients into your existing eating habits.

These nature-derived body-chargers can help speed up the natural processes in your body and help you expel all those harmful toxins and pollutants that you’ve accumulated in your day-to-day life.

And to help you find out what these cleansing ingredients are, we have compiled a list of fruit, veggies, and spices that have unparalleled detoxifying properties.

Not only will they help you cleanse your organs, they might also make your meals more colorful and interesting.

1) Garlic

We already know garlic is an essential ingredient in every delicious pasta, marinade or stir-fry.

However, did you know that garlic also possesses unrivaled body-purifying properties?

This pungent veggie can help promote the production of glutathione, a component which is capable of filtering out toxins from the digestive system, as well as the liver.

Garlic is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve bacterial, fungal and viral health conditions.

And before you start heating up the oil to make your favorite garlic-infused sauce, you should probably know that garlic is best consumed raw.

To reap full benefits of this strong-tasting superfood, it’s advisable to take one clove a day, which you can crush and eat whole.

If you’re not too thrilled at the prospect of eating garlic on its own (and the resulting breath to boot!), you might want to invest in garlic capsules, a more elegant way of treating your body to this health-boosting superstar.

2) Ginger

Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for millennia.

And for good reason, too: this root plant is packed with all sorts nutrient that can help purify your body.

It holds powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, embodied in the substances such as gingerol and shoga. These can effectively kick-start your digestion processes, and subsequently help minimize the build up of toxins in the colon, liver and many other organs.

These digestive enzymes can also help reduce signs of constipation, bloating, diarrhea and gas.

Moreover, frequent consumption of ginger can also speed up your circulation, thus reducing the occurrence of blood clots.

On the more practical side, ginger can be prepared in a myriad of ways.

For a quick and easy approach, peel the ginger and cut it into ¼ inch-wide slices.

Stick the slices onto a skewer or a toothpick and soak them in hot water. Add a teaspoon of honey and a couple of drops of lemon and your soothing detox tea is all done.

For something a little more palate-enticing, grate a bit of ginger into your stir-fry. Not only will this make your meal healthier, it will also give it a spicy kick.

3) Kale

Kale is definitely having a moment in the world of health and fitness.

The wellness crowd’s fascination with this leafy green should come as no surprise.

After all, kale counts barely any calories, while it packs in a great amount of nutrients that can help cleanse your organs and energize your body.

These include vitamins K, A and C, but also a high concentration of potassium, iron and riboflavin.

All these goodies can be incredibly beneficial for minimizing inflammation, lowering cholesterol levels and cleansing your liver.

However, kale’s bitter taste and chewy texture make it somewhat challenging for preparation, especially for rookie cooks.

Luckily, you can easily neutralize kale’s strong tang by combining it with fruit, for example in a delicious smoothie. To give you some ideas, mix up a handful of kale with banana or mango and you’ve got yourself a healthy, body-boosting concoction.

Another fun way to introduce kale into your diet is by turning it into mouth-watering, moreish chips. Simply drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and toss it into pre-heated oven for about 10-15 minutes.

4) Avocado

The popularity of this tasty, good-for-you Central American fruit has become so ubiquitous, it ended up defining an entire generation.

And should this be surprising at all?

Not really, especially when you take into consideration all the ways in which avocado can be good for your health.

For one, avocado is laden with fats – the healthy kind – which are not only beneficial, but essential for any thought-out detox diet.

This fatty treat is also chock-full of agents that can help your organs in the production of glutathione, amino acid which is crucial for detoxifying your liver.

Other than their numerous health benefits, avocados are also extremely versatile when it comes to preparation.

The easiest way to incorporate them in your routine is to spread them across a slice of your favorite bread and drizzle with a few drops of balsamic vinegar.

Alternatively, add it to your favorite smoothie recipe for a more satisfying taste and fuller texture.

5) Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most buzzed-about ingredients when it comes to detoxifying routines and diets.

This all-powerful elixir, which has been consumed in Asia since the ancient times, is known for its high concentration of ingredients that can flush out the toxins from your body.

Among them are amino acids, alkaloids, chlorophyll and catechins, which are especially hailed for their detoxifying powers.

In real life terms, this means that regular consumption of green tea can benefit cardiovascular health, reduce digestive issues and stabilize blood sugar levels.

To maximize the health benefits of green tea, it is advised to drink it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Sipping green tea in the morning will wake you up from slumber and energize your body for the day ahead. A cup of this beverage in the evening will help rid your body off all the impurities it accumulated over the day.

6) Lemon

If you plan on treating your body to a detoxifying routine, then lemon should be an essential component of your diet.

This zesty fruit is loaded with phytonutrients, which have amazing antioxidant and antibiotic powers.

The citrusy goodness is also full of pectin, a dietary fiber which can improve your digestion. This component can also contribute to feeling of fullness, making lemon a great choice for diets geared towards weight loss.

As you probably already know, lemons are abundant in Vitamin C, which can be good for your body in many ways. For one, this nutrient is great for boosting immunity and battling free radicals.

Vitamin C can also help in the battle against premature signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, which usually affects mature skin.

The most straightforward way to incorporate lemon into your day-to-day routine is by squeezing it into a fresh glass of water.

Lemon water makes for a great pick-me-up drink, especially in the mornings.

It will kick-start your organism, but also make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

7) Spinach

Everyone knows leafy greens should be your main weapon in the fight against body impurities and pollutants.

And one of the most nourishing green superstars is spinach, which contains a host of body-boosting goodies that can be incredibly potent in banishing all the harmful toxins that reside in your organs.

To begin with, spinach is a natural cleanser of the digestive system. Regular consumption of spinach, especially when it’s fresh, can boost the production of mucus which helps shield your stomach from damaging substances.

Moreover, spinach can also boost your nervous system, as the amino acids found in is leaves can contribute to longer life of neurons.

Spinach is at its most effective when consumed fresh. Due to its mild taste, it can be a great addition to any smoothie, especially when mixed with other heart-healthy fruits and veggies.

8) Brussel Sprouts

This lesser-known cousin of cabbage and broccoli has become one of the most hailed veggies in the world of health and wellness.

These bite-sized super-chargers are known for their high concentration of cancer-preventing components called glucosinolates. 

Brussel sprouts can also help boost your digestion processes, which will consequently lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood.

Moreover, brussel sprouts can be cooked in a variety of ways and make for a great health-friendly substitute for pasta, bread and other processed carbs.

An easy way to cook your brussel sprouts is to sauté them over a couple of drops of olive oil and chopped garlic.

Alternatively, sprinkle them with chili seeds and roast them in the oven until crispy and flavorful.

9) Turmeric

Long since used for culinary and medicinal purposes in South Asia, turmeric is one of the go-to spices for a body detox.

This brightly colored spice, which is derived from a plant belonging to the ginger family, is also known as a powerful body-purifying agent.

The substance that gives turmeric its incredible healing properties (and the bright color) is called curcumin.

This component is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. Because of this, it can help in the battle against a host of health issues, including psoriasis, pancreatitis and inflammatory eye diseases, among others.

Fortunately, incorporating turmeric into your day-to-day meals should be as easy as peas.

You can sprinkle it over scrambled eggs in the morning, or make a healthy, turmeric-infused curry for dinner.

Alternatively, you can make turmeric tea by taking a tiny amount of the spice and mixing it with hot water and a spoonful of honey.

10) Asparagus

This super-charging green, which is abundant in the spring months, can be a great way to treat your body to a number of health-boosting nutrients.

Among them are folic acid, zinc, iron, but also vitamins A, C, K and E. Asparagus is also a natural diuretic, and it can also help the body absorb all the positive nutrients from other foods.

Not only is asparagus a champion among detox foods, it’s also a welcome addition to every plate.

For a healthy breakfast, you can combine a couple of asparagus stalks with scrambled eggs.

Alternatively, sauté them over olive oil and garlic for a body-charging lunch.

You can also roast your asparagus wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto to create a mouth-watering evening treat.

11) Chia Seeds

Hailing from Central and South America, chia seeds have taken the health-oriented world by storm.

These black, white and dark brown seeds are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which make up a third of its composition.

Moreover, chia seeds are abundant in fiber and antioxidants, while they also contain high doses of magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium.

These components can greatly help in restoring your health, especially when it comes to cardiovascular issues, high blood sugar and digestion.

Moreover, chia seeds are characterized with a neutral taste, so they can be an energizing addition to pretty much any meal.

For example, you can add them to your oatmeal or smoothie in the morning for a more fuller taste.

For lunch, you can sprinkle them over salads and soups to give them an extra dose of crunchiness.

Finally, they can also be added to any pasta or rice-based dish, making it instantly more healthy and body-purifying.

12) Almonds

If you’re on the market for a detoxifying snack, then look no further than stocking up your pantry with nuts.

These all-natural bites are crucial for replenishing your body with healthy fats in proteins for all those in-between meals purposes.

And almonds are one of the healthiest nuts.

Not only are almonds rich in fiber, protein and natural fats, they are also chock-full of Vitamin E, which is not only good news for your nails and hair, but also for your cardiovascular system.

Furthermore, almonds are a rich source of antioxidants, which can slow down body-aging processes and help prevent a host of medical issues.

And with this, we wrap up our list of some of the most raved about detox superfoods. Whichever of these ingredient(s) you choose to put on your plate, you can rest assured your body will be thanking you!

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