Monthly Archives: May 2014

24K Collagen Collection
Meet OROGOLD's Collagen Collection. As your body ages it looses vital components necessary to stay healthy and youthful, like collagen. The OROGOLD Collagen Collection is chock full of collagen along with many other beneficial ingredients, to help keep skin looking smooth, firm and young. Along with gold and collagen this collection contains other essential nutrients to...
24K DMAE Collection
The 24K DMAE Collection features DMAE as its main ingredient.  This highly potent ingredient is combined with many other skin improving ingredients to care for your skin. Watch Eliron, one of OROGOLD's store managers, explain all you need to know about the 24K DMAE Collection. ...
24K Eye Exclusive Collection
Eyes are among the most finicky areas of your skin thanks to how thin they are by nature. Fine lines, puffy eyes, and dark circles develop readily as it is harder to maintain the collagen and elasticity that keep eyes looking youthful. OROGOLD's 24K Exclusive Eye Collection was designed with these faults of...