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Adult Acne Causes & Treatments

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Acne is troublesome and embarrassing no matter your age. A lot of us hope that we’ve graduated college and it seems like being a teenager is well behind us. Plenty of adults have to contend with acne though. It is seldom any one thing that someone is doing wrong. Adult acne can be somewhat complicated in its causes, but this complicated nature doesn’t make it any less of an annoyance. People make assumptions about your level of skin care or diet when you suffer from acne. Skin care products can help you try to control the acne, but it won’t make it go away. If you’re having to deal with adult acne, we’d like to go over some reasons you may be suffering from it and methods of treatment to consider.

Uncooperative Skin
One of the most frustrating things about adult acne is that it tends to have an intimate connection with who you are at the most basic levels. Family histories often predict who will suffer from adult acne because the proclivity for it passes along the family tree. There is little to do in these cases beyond simply trying to manage the symptoms and thank whichever side of the family it was that ensured you got that particular gift. It isn’t the only possible reason though. Teenagers partly get acne from their bodies dealing with hormone levels changing constantly. The same is actually true for adults. Most of us enjoy a far steadier flow of hormones in our body than teens, but there are occasional issues that cause imbalance. This, in turn, can cause breakouts. Unfortunately, this kind of acne can also be in response to a normal hormonal cycle for some.

Outside Sources
If your adult acne is new and unexpected, then you could be dealing with a recently introduced problem. The reason you should focus on using high-quality products is that low-quality products often use ingredients that can irritate the skin. These are typically hidden in compound ingredients with simple, unassuming names like “fragrance”. Luxury brands use similar generically named ingredients, but these have more attention paid to them and aren’t like to cause an issue. The products causing the problem can be anything you routinely use, but acne is most likely to develop in response to facial and hair products. The former is for an obvious reason, but hair products can cause this as well as they can run down our face when being rinsed out or over the course of the day. So consider examining any product changes you’ve made recently when you’re facing an entirely unexpected and resistant breakout.

Treating the Problem
The easiest treatment option is for issues with products. All you need to do is stop using the offending product and use standard acne fighting products to tame the breakout. Hormonal and family history-based acne are an entirely different story. These factors are much harder to control for and there is no simple solution. Fortunately, most people suffering from either kind are used to fighting the problem routinely. Changing your diet is an often suggested way of contending with stubborn acne, but you don’t necessarily need to listen to this advice as it isn’t something you’re doing wrong. You should improve your diet if it isn’t the healthiest in the world and that will help a little, but it won’t be a dramatic improvement in most cases. You should instead focus on standard acne fighting options to tame and reduce the breakout until it goes away. Ideally, you should incorporate acne fighting products in your normal skin routine as well as a guard against further outbreaks. This will help reduce the severity of future ones.

Adult acne shouldn’t be viewed as a mark of beauty shame. Most of those dealing with it are entirely blameless simply because of the difficulty in predicting the factors that cause it. While those suffering from adult acne because of something about themselves have the most difficult time, they can develop habits to minimize and prevent breakouts from long practice. Anyone who is hit by a breakout due to a product is sure to be as confused by the acne as anyone else. The best things you can do are maintain a skin care routine and be mindful of your skin. An early response is the best option for dealing with any kind of acne.

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