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Repairing Scar Damage May Improve Self Esteem

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Scars are one of those sad inevitabilities in life. We do our best to ensure that we stay out of harms way and don’t hurt ourselves too badly, but there always seems to be these mysterious scars that turn up. That tends to make us the lucky ones. The ones from unknown sources are easy to miss and simply part of life. More pronounced scars tend to be marks of notable things happening in your life. Car accidents, a wrong fallen, and the occasional medical procedure can all leave scars. The problem is that they do more than simply disrupt our skin. Scars can easily become a distinguishing feature that you don’t want anyone else to notice. This can be a troubling thing for many people. Few people want to be known for their scars. As a result, it can be better to look into seeing how you can get scar damage repaired.

Why We Scar
A simple way to view scars is that they are where the damage to our skin was so great that the skin couldn’t perfectly put things back together. There wasn’t enough collagen in the world to make things heal right. Consequently, your body did a rougher job of sealing up the wound than it would normally do. This is why scars feel different from the rest of our skin. They don’t have the same structure as the rest of your skin. Scars tend to be rougher and perhaps, in some ways, a little tougher than normal skin due to how they came about. The disruption of the otherwise smooth skin tends to be highly obvious though as there is a lot to compare the scarred area to around it. As a result, it makes them appear highly pronounced even when they’re small and can make even the least self-conscious person feel they are too obvious.

Scars Are More Than Skin Deep
No one likes to feel like they’re under the spotlight constantly. This is especially true if it is for a negative reason. Scars can cause a lot of grief in people’s lives if they’re sufficiently large. Long sleeves, heavier clothing, and avoiding people are all tactics people often use to hide their scars. The thing is this affect us mentally. When we do things to hide our body, we end up internalizing shame and self-hatred. Scars to our body can quickly become scars on our soul if we’re made to feel too self-conscious about them. The loss of self-esteem makes people withdraw from the world. This, in turn, reinforces a sense that one is an outcast. It is a vicious cycle. As a result, many people suggest that anyone who has a substantial enough scar might want to consider seeking a method for minimizing the appearance of a scar.

Repairing Scars
A quick word of caution here is that, if you’re recently scarred, you need to wait before deciding on a course of treatment to ensure you get the proper one. Scars can and do fade over time after they’ve been received and some eventually fade away until they’re almost invisible. Additionally, if the scar is from a procedure, you doctor can likely help you properly manage the healing process to minimize the scar. Otherwise, you have a number of options. Lesser scars can be treated by over-the-counter fading products that help encourage better healing in the skin. Most of us will deal with this kind of scar commonly and have little to concern ourselves with. Deeper scars often require more specialized treatments. Injectable fillers can help temporarily smooth our a scar, but in many cases, skin grafts or other procedures can be used to remove a particularly ugly scar and replace the skin entirely. Waiting gives you an idea of how pronounced a scar will actually be in the end. After a year, you’ll generally see what the scar will look like for good and you can then make an informed decision.

Removing or minimizing scars is necessarily good for one’s self-esteem. An unwanted blemish can make anyone feel lesser than they were before. That’s really the entire purpose of skincare. We all want to look and feel our best. That includes managing any permanent marks done to our skin. One thing to remember though is that you should try to never let anyone make you feel any shame for your scars. They are a sign you’ve lived. Yes, by all means, remove them to gain back your confidence, but never let yourself be shamed for them.

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